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LTF-8H905-14 Warning LED Mini light bar

Dimensions: Measurement( inches) 27"X11.4"X3.1(with feet)

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Starway LTF-8H905-14 Warning LED mini  light  bar is the smallest of the mini light bars we offer with the same, high performing LEDS as all our other full-size bars. The Stealth design simplifies the overly complicated light bar market and features super bright LEDs Available in TIR LED or Linear LED Clear-coated polycarbonate anti-cracking, anti-yellowing lens moisture-proof with high-grade aluminum chassis 

● Powered by 12V
● 56 total 3-watt LEDs
● 31 available flash patterns

● New Generation Technology – TIR4 Optics
● Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
● Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours

● Waterproof 3M triple-bubble seal for outdoor protection

● Aluminum top housing provides structural reinforcement also 360 degrees coverage for collision protection 

● Max 12.4 Amp draw

● Measurement( inches) 27"X11.4"X3.1(with feet)

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Measurement( inches) 27"X11.4"X3.1(with feet)

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