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YS15 Motorcycle Three -Tone Horn siren

Dimensions:Starway Motorcycle Three -Tone Horn siren speaker

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YS15 Motorcycle Three -Tone Horn siren speaker Heavy-duty, compact 60-watt amplified siren ideal for use on motorcycles, ATVs,snow mobiles, etc. Hands-free operation lets you keep both hands steering while accessing warning tones . 

• Combination siren and speaker in a single compact unit.

1) Hands-free operation for Wail and Yelp tones and Air horn switch produces air horn as a main tone .

3) Hands-free operation with Public Address and includes plug-in microphone.

4) 60W power speaker to reach 120-122db
5) 60W NdFeB magnet and diaphragm
6) less than 0.1% Harmonic Distortion and no pop noise
7) all waterproof amplifier circuit unit to avoid any of electrical components problem .
8) all of switches independent and non-interfering and less power consumption of motorcycle battery .

Motorcycle Siren Mounting

1) Place the unit against the intended mounting surface
2) Mark the areas where the mounting holes will be drilled. If the mounting surface is part of the vehicle, make sure no vital components could be damaged by the drilling process.
3.) Pre-drill two 1/4" mounting holes on the mounting surface, making sure no vital components of the surface are damaged
4.) Make sure to deburr the holes thoroughly.
5.) Using customer provided screws, secure the Siren Amplifier to the mounting surface.
Motorcycle Siren Handheld Mounting
* Join the Switcher plastic locker on the middle of handgrip .
* Screw the controller
Service After Expiration
We will still provide service for all products after expiration of the warranty. For any issues, call the customer support line.
In some instances it may be necessary for the product to be shipped, freight prepaid and insured for loss or damage to star Way
Utilizing non-factory screws and mounting brackets may result in loss of warranty coverage.

Starway Motorcycle Three -Tone Horn siren speaker

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