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LTF-A549-14 Warning LED Mini light bar

Dimensions:33”X 5” X1” without magnet feet

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The LTF-A549-14 LED Mini LED Light bar is the perfect balance of size with the brightest flashing emergency vehicle lights in the
industry. This light bar has been built to last and equipped with waterproof LED modules. If you are looking to minimize power usage but maximize lighting and visibility, LED lights are definitely the way to go.
● Powered by 12V
●New Generation Technology – TIR6 20% brighter Optics
● 12X 6 TIR and 2X 4TIR CREE 3-watt LEDs
● 25 available flash patterns

●Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern

●Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours

●10”of power cable from cigarette plug
●Magnetic feet mounted
●Multiple vehicle specific gutter bracket options
●slim aluminum housing and all waterproof design
●Max 15.4 Amp draw
●Measurement( inches)33”X 5” X1” without magnet feet

33”X 5” X1” without magnet feet

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