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LTF-A819AB-45 LED Mini Lightbar

Dimensions:Length: 18” x Width: 11.8” x Height: 1.8”

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This LED Warning Mini Lightbar, features a 360-degree lighting system with extremely low amperage draw for highly effective visibility. This low-profile design keeps this light both fuel-efficient and aerodynamic.
10 Generation III 4-Watt or 5-Watt LEDs modules (48 LEDs total) and Optics make this lightbar outshine the leading models. This  Mini Lightbar also features a sleek aluminum housing and a fully encapsulated and weatherproofed flasher. These features guarantee that your light will be bright and clear in all weather conditions.
This Mini Lightbar is programmed with 25-user selectable flash patterns which can be easily controlled with the included cigarette lighter plug. This LED Mini Lightbar comes with a 10-foot cord and 40LB magnet mounting brackets for easy installation.

With its cutting edge technology and engineering, This Mini Lightbar is sure to be a game changer in emergency lighting.


----  Low Amperage Draw (voltage: 12VDC)
----  Features 48 GEN III LEDs
---- Low-Profile Aluminum Housing
---- Fully-Sealed and Weatherproofed
---- Self-Contained Internal Flasher
---- 25 User Selectable Flash Patterns
---- Includes: 10-Foot Cord
---- 40 LB Mounting Brackets*
---- Dimensions: Length: 18” x Width: 11.8” x Height: 1.8”
**Magnet mounting not recommended for use on vehicles in motion!
**Please use permanent mounts for vehicles in motion

Length: 18” x Width: 11.8” x Height: 1.8”

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