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CJB-B7 wireless remote siren

Dimensions:CJB-B7 wireless remote siren

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-- Easy to install anywhere with 12V DC power
-- Siren: 100W/200 watt amplifier.
-- You can connect flash lights.
-- It has microphone functions.
-- The sound is loud and so pure.
-- Wireless push to talk microphone.
-- Universal for all kinds of cars and vehicles.
--  8 Tone Hands-Free operation with
override from the horn ring.
-- A microphone is attached to the remote control ,press the button on the left
of the remote control and point your mouth to the upper left corner of the
-- Low energy consumption, long life and reliable performance, easy to operate.       
-- A Neo-driver which is known to deliver a robust low frequency sound.
-- Weather-proof housing case.
-- Clear sound frequency.
-- Built-In bracket for mounting.
-- Non-corrosive finish.
-- Universal to all Sirens.

--Material : Metal+     Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS)

--Sound Level:125-130 db       
--Input urrent: 12A@13.6V DC·        
--Output Power: 100W/200W(Max)        
--Standby Current: Less then 150mA     
--Operating Temperature : -40℃ ~55℃        
--Humidity Less then : 95%        
--Siren Frequency : 420Hz ~ 1770Hz·        
--Light Line Current : 10A + 10A·        
--Impedance : 8/4.0Ω·        
--Fuses :15A

--USB Line:approx.98cm

--Electronic Siren Size: approx. 13.8cm*20.2cm(front)
--11cm*12.3cm( behind)

--Main Engine Size:approx.12cm*16cm·        
Professional Installation Recommended:
-- If you are installing this on your cigarette plug in your vehicle, you may
need to increase the fuse on your cigarette outlet.
-- Easy to install anywhere with 12V Power.
-- No installation guide provided, please consult with car audio installer or
-- Custom installation required. Requires 12V Power delivered to 2 wires.
-- You may have to extend the wire between the speaker and the control module if
you are mounting this in your engine bay.

Package Including:    
--1 x Speaker Unit·        
--1 x Control Box Set·        
--1 x Remote Controller·        
--1 x USB Charging Line        
--1 x Light Control Line·        
--1 x Horn Power Cord·        
--1 xCigarette Lighter Plug·        
--1 x Spare Fuses

Applications: Public Security Vehicles, Engineering
Vehicles, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Preventive Management
Vehicles, etc.

CJB-B7 wireless remote siren

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