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CJB100B Hand-Control Siren

Dimensions:Warning Police Electronic Sirens Series for Car

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CJB100B Warning Police Electronic Sirens Series for Car
1.  Summary:

CJB100B Police Siren is electronic warning alarm developed for various special vehicles to clear the way.  This model is suitable for police wagon, fire engine, ambulance, traffic intendance engine, and engineering salvage engine as a warning device.  And equipped the low tone of aviation, the tone of siren, and the tone for state guest.  They are light, handsome and convenience to install and use.  This warning alarm is the perfect caution equipment for special type vehicles, shipping, piazza and dangerous forbidden zone etc. 

--- Maximum output power: 100W
--- Work voltage: DC 12V(with range 10V~14V)
--- Environment temperature: -40 degree~ +50 degree
--- Continuous working time: 4 hours
--- Load Impedance: 4 Ohm

--- Warning tone:
    TRAF: Traffic wagon, double for ton f1:800+(-)50Hz~f2:1000+(-)50Hz, Periodicity: 0.455S~0.556S
    ENGI: Engineering Salvage Engine, single for dinging and stopping f1:800+(-)50Hz, periodicity: 0.455S~0.556S
    ST-GU: Police wagon, the tone for state guest f1: 1500+(-)50Hz~ f2:600-50Hz, periodicity:

Warning Police Electronic Sirens Series for Car

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