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LTF4C408 Warning Traffic Advisors

Dimensions:100cm L x 10cm W x5cm H

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 ●   Powered by 12V
 ●   Life Span of 100,000 hours
 ●   11 feet of cable provided
 ●   16 available flash patterns
 ●   Anti-glare coating on outer lens
 ●   Runs on Generation 3 LED lighting
 ●   8 modules with 8 linear LEDs in each
 ●    Includes control box with On/off switch
 ●    Includes L-shaped brackets for mounting
 ●   Flash pattern & Directional changer included
 ●   Dimensions: 100cm L x 10cm W x5cm H 


LTF4C408 Starway Police Warning LED  Bar & Traffic Advisor

Work voltage



Traffic Signal

Power of one light head

5.4W (for color: blue, clear, green);3W (for color: red, amber)

LED power


LED headlight quantity


Light Sources


Warning light bar color


4. Mountiong of Emergency LED Directional Lightbar

Mark the areas where the mounting holes are to be drilled, then drill these holes, and use bolt and nut mount the light on the mounting surface of the vehicle. Mount the controller on the place where easy to control, then plug the power supply wires with controller.

5.Wiring of Emergency LED Directional Lightbar 
Connect the main wires red and black to the strong battery (red to +, black to - ). Then turn on switch to work the light.

100cm L x 10cm W x5cm H

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