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LTF-A819AB-90 Dual Color LED Mini Lightbar

Dimensions:Length 37" X 6" Width x 2 3/4" Height

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This  warning Lightbar is one of the toughest lightbar enforcers on the market. This Lightbar showcases brilliant TIR optics so this light will be impossible to miss.  These groundbreaking TIR optics provide eye-catching light output from both the front and side angles of the lightbar. If you are looking for a rugged and impressive lightbar, then this LED Lightbar is a perfect choice.

--  This lightbar showcases over 20 selectable flash patterns, ranking itself one of the most a         
     dvanced emergency lightbars in the warning light industry.

--  Featuring a 3W or 5W Generation IV LED lights, this 37" warning LED Lightbar is an innovative multi-
     color technology.
--  This lightbar contains takedown and alley lights, a built-in traffic advisor, multi-color capabilities,
     clear 360-degree lighting, and an industrial, sleek design.
--  The feet are fully adjustable and can fit almost any roof style thanks to the included universal
     mounting brackets.
--  Shows off 20 selectable flash patterns and self-contained internal flasher and standard 360-
     degree lighting, this light is impossible to miss when in use.
Length 37" X 6" Width x 2 3/4" Height

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