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LED3500 Warning Sreamlined Lightbar

Dimensions:Packing Size:1220x310x140mm Qty/CTN: 1PCS

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LED3500 Warning Sreamlined Lightbar

--    The rated work voltage: DC12V (range DC10.8V~13.8 V)

--     The length of the light bar: 1.2m

--     The max. lightened bound: > 800LX.

--     The environment temperature: -40 ~ +50 .

--     Waste currant: 10A(max)

--      Flashing lights power: 81.8W

--      Left alley light power: 8.4W

--      Right alley light power: 8.4W

--      Front lights power: 8.4W

--      Direct lights power: 50.4W

--     24 inches-67 inches length 

--     Voltage: 12V or 24V

--     12ft cable from light bar to controller box

--     Colored LED Modules with Clear Lenses(DOME)for choose RED/WHITE/AMBER/GREEN/BLUE 

--     New 20% brighter LED modules with 4 LEDs pure 1 Watts LED

--     Ultra slim profile with clear lens for a stealth look

--     Arrow stick advisor on the back 

--     Independently controlled alley lights, Taken down lights and  traffic advisor .

--      Fully encapsulated, Fully weatherproof and easy installation

--     .Includes universal Gutter Brackets and LED flash pattern indicator of switchbox

 --    25 Flash patterns  

  Steady burn  

  Single flash Alt  

  Clock flash sides to middle  

  Double clock flash sides to middle  

  Triple flash half left-right  

  Accelerated flash half left-right  

  Half left-right quad, all flash  

  Half left-right single ,all hex flash  

  Quad flash Alt  

  Clock triple flash left-right  

  Clock triple flash right-left  

  All triple flash  

  All quint flash  

  All speedup flash  

  Single flash half left-right  

  Pro-circle double flash  

  Con-circle double flash  

  Left clockwise right anticlockwise quad flash  

  Left anticlockwise right clockwise quad flash  

  Left steady burn right single flash  

  Left single flash right steady burn  

  Double slow 15 single flash ,accelerated quad flash  

  Double slow 6 single flash, accelerated 15 flash  


Packing Size:1220x310x140mm Qty/CTN: 1PCS

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