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CJB900 Starway Handhold Siren

Dimensions:Starway 100W Car Electronic Siren Series with Microphones

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CJB900 Starway Handhold Siren
●  Working voltage:DC I0.8V --I3.8V
●  Output power:100W
●  Output impedance:8 Ohm or 11Ohm
●  Color of handhold controller:Black, Silvery-Gray   
●  Drive power:150W+150W
●  Environment temperature:-40 Degree -- +50 Degree
●  Six sort of horn tones
●  Autosave memory: siren tone memory, volume memory, horn memory and lamp control  switch memory;
●  Eight standard siren tones: WAILl, WAIL2, SIREN, AMB,YELP, TOOL. HORN,  MAN;
●  Two lines of lamp control; Radio function Radio function
●  Button display light;
●  Press any key to turn on power.
Starway 100W Car Electronic Siren Series with Microphones

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