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LED289C-8 LED Grille Light

Dimensions:LED289C-8 Starway LED Strobe Light / warning LED Car Grill lighthead / Warning led grill light

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1. Features

●     Powered by 12V/24V

●     15 flash patterns

●     Life Span of 100,000 hours

●     Body frame resists weather damage

●     Perfect for rearview mirror, grille and rear deck applications

●     Perfect for police fire EMS and construction vehicle lighting and airforce 
●     Waterproof and shakeproof

2. Specifiation


Work voltage


Type Traffic Signal

Warning light color

Red / Blue / Amber / Clear / Green

Power supply way

Constant voltage current control

Lens of material


Flash patterns



  Using screwes mounting each lighthead on the mounting surface, and using screwes mounting the controller on the appropriate place.


See illustration below for wiring information

●    Plug the lightheads into the controller, press it until it lock.

●    Plug the switch box into the controller, press it until it lock.

●    Connect the two power wires to the battery (red to +, black to -).

WARNING! All customer supplied wires that connect to the positive terminal of the battery must be sized to supply at least 125% of the maximum operating current and at the battery to carry the load. DO NOT USE CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITH THIS PRODUCT!


●    Turn on the power switch.

●    Press the pattern button to select the flash mode.

6.Flash Patterns

●    Double (all)

●    Single fast (split)

●    Single (split)

●    Single slow (split)

●    Single (all)

●     Thrice (all)

●    Thrice (split)

●    Quad (all)

●    Single fast (split)

●    Single fast (all)

●    Double (split)

●    Thrice to single (all)

●    Thrice to single (split)

●    Slow to fast (split)

●    Slow to fast (all)

Sync – Output A are one group for synchronized.

          Output B are one group for synchronized.

          Group output A can alternate to the group output B.



The Starway LED Warning Strong Grill light(LED289C-8) can not work, please check the main fuse in inside the cigar

LED289C-8 Starway LED Strobe Light / warning LED Car Grill lighthead / Warning led grill light

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