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LTF-A814AB-13 LED Mini Light bar

Dimensions:Dimensions:Length: 13" x Width: 6.4" x Height x 0.87"

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The  Warning 13” size( LTF-A814-13) light bar is sure to turn heads. Featuring a 1W or 3W Generation IV LEDs, the light bar is the newest addition to our expanding product line.


· Innovative multi-color technology and is engineered with our exclusive TIR optics.

· These innovative optics provide eye-catching light output from both the front and
side angles of the light bar . All color combinations are available. 

·  With over 25 flash patterns, the Light Bar is the most advanced emergency light bar in the
warning light industry. 

·  The light bar features Takedown and Alley lights, built in traffic adviser, multi-color
capabilities, unobstructed 360 degree lighting, and an industrial, sleek

· The light bar feet are fully adjustable and can fit nearly any roof style with universal
mounting brackets which are included. 

· Shows off over 25 selectable flash patterns and self-contained internal flasher and
standard 360-degree lighting, this light is impossible to miss when in use. 

·  Dimensions :Length 13" X 6.5" Width x1.1”(without Mount feet)/ 3" Height 



●     12V and 12ft cable from light bar to controller box 

●    Colored LED Modules with Ultra slim profile stealth look black aluminum housing

●    New 20% brighter LED modules with 6 LEDs pure 1 Watts LED and back aluminum heat sink .  

●    Arrow stick advisor on the back  

●    Independently controlled alley lights, Taken down lights and traffic advisor . 

●    Fully encapsulated, Fully weatherproof and easy installation 

●   12 feet cables with dual push switch cigarette plug / LED flash pattern indicator of switch box

Attached 25 flash patterns  

◆  Steady burn  

◆  Single flash Alt  

◆  Clock flash sides to middle  

◆  Double clock flash sides to middle  

◆  Triple flash half left-right  

◆  Accelerated flash half left-right  

◆  Half left-right quad, all flash  

◆  Half left-right single ,all hex flash  

◆  Quad flash Alt  

◆  Clock triple flash left-right  

◆  Clock triple flash right-left  

◆  All triple flash  

◆  All quint flash  

◆  All speedup flash  

◆  Single flash half left-right  

◆  Pro-circle double flash  

◆  Con-circle double flash  

◆  Left clockwise right anticlockwise quad flash  

◆  Left anticlockwise right clockwise quad flash  

◆  Left steady burn right single flash  

◆  Left single flash right steady burn  

◆  Double slow 15 single flash ,accelerated quad flash 

◆  Double slow 6 single flash, accelerated 15 flash  

◆  Modulation 

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Dimensions:Length: 13" x Width: 6.4" x Height x 0.87"

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