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LTF-A674 LED Mini Light bar

Dimensions:Dimensions : 670mm L X 260 mm W X85mm H

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LED Mini light bar for Police and Emergecy Vehicles

LTF-A674 low profile LED mini light bar is made of high brightness LED, it use microcomputer programming chip, It has high brightness, low power loss, long life and so on the merits, it is equipped with a solid state flasher. To change flash pattern, press the momentary switch (locate on the lighter plug adaptor). Each time the momentary switch is pressed, the flash pattern will change once. It suit install in automobile vehicle.

1. Features
●   Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look
●   40 x 1 watt LEDs
●   Flash pattern toggle switch
●   Cigarette plug with on/off switch
●   4 - 60lb magnets
●   Cigarette plug with on/off switch

●   Waterproof and shockproof

●   Included Speaker

●   Flash patterns:
                 Double alternating
                 Quad alternating
                 Single alternating
                 Double simultaneous

2. Specifiation
LTF-A674 low profile LED mini light bar
Traffic Signal
-40 ℃~ +50 ℃
Light Sources
Top of the light bar Aluminum alloy
Material of lens PC
670mm L X 260 mm W X85mm H

3.Packing Information
Packing Size

4.Mounting and wiring
●    Place the mini bar on the roof of the vehicle, let magnetic base attracts the vehicle, ensure safety of the light and vehicle.
●    Plug the cigar cord to the cigar electrical outlet of the vehicle.
●    Turn on the power switch and press the momentary switch (locate on the lighter plug adaptor) to change flash pattern.
●    If the light doesn't work, please check the 5A fuse inside the cigar cord
WARNING: the steel content of vehicle roofs varies considerably and some may not be suitable for mounting warning lights with magnetic bases. It is the sole responsibility of the users of magnetic based lights to determine if portable warming lights may be safely used on the exterior of their vehicle.
Use only soap and water to clean the outer lens. Use of other chemicals could result in premature lens cracking (crazing) and discoloration. Lenses in this condition have significantly reduced effectiveness. Inspect and operate this product regularly to confirm its proper operation and mounting comdition. Donot use a pressure washer to clean this product.

Dimensions : 670mm L X 260 mm W X85mm H

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