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LTF-A420 Mini Light bar

Dimensions:Dimensions: 420mm L X 260 mm W X85mm H

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LTF-A420 Starway low profile LED mini light bar is made of high brightness LED, it use microcomputer programming chip, It has high brightness, low power loss, long life and so on the merits, it is equipped with a solid state flasher. The flasher has 25 flash patterns including random. To change flash pattern, press the momentary switch (locate on the lighter plug adaptor). Each time the momentary switch is pressed, the flash pattern will change once. It suit install in automobile vehicle.


 ●   Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look
●   34 x 1 watt LEDs with 4X4 LEDs modules in the front and back also 6X3 LEDs modules in side and alley .
●   12 feet cables with dual switch Cigarette plug –one is for on/off ,another is for reset switch
●   4 - 60lb magnets with stainless steel bracket mounted
●   Waterproof and shockproof PC housing around and middle aluminum housing 


25 Flash patterns

     ---  Steady burn 
     ---  Single flash Alt
     ---  Clock flash sides to middle
     ---   Double clock flash sides to middle
     ---   Triple flash half left-right
     ---   Accelerated flash half left-right
     ---  Half left-right quad, all flash
     ---   Half left-right single ,all hex flash
     ---  Quad flash Alt
     ---  Clock triple flash left-right
     ---  Clock triple flash right-left
     ---   All triple flash
     ---  All quint flash
     ---   All slow flash
     ---  All speedup flash
     ---   Single flash half left-right
     ---  Pro-circle double flash
     ---   Con-circle double flash
     ---   Left clockwise right anticlockwise quad flash
     ---   Left anticlockwise right clockwise quad flash
     ---   Left steady burn right single flash
     ---   Left single flash right steady burn
     ---   Double slow 15 single flash ,accelerated quad flash
     ---   Double slow 6 single flash, accelerated 15 flash
     ---   Modulation

Dimensions: 420mm L X 260 mm W X85mm H

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