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The Color Decryption About the Fire Fighting Truck

Author:Starway   Release time:15-11-11

The sunlight is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet, seven kinds of color composition, their wavelength and Angle of deflection is different with each other. The sunlight on objects, The ability of light absorption and reflection is different for a various of objects. In the visible light, the red light waves are the longest, while their deflection Angle is minimum, and easily through the water, rain, dust and fog. Orange and yellow light is not afraid of obstacles, and they can penetrate the object above. So the redfire fighting trucks can be found out in fog weather, dusty environment or the storm, the people would make way for these fire fighting trucks, so that the firefighter  would fulfill the Fire emergency rescue mission as soon as possible.


In most countries, the fire fighting trucks are red because of the most eye-catching, that can be seen from a distant place. But according to investigation from the traffic department of New York, The red fire engine appears one hundred thousand times, the number of accidents is 32 times. And if the fire truck painted bright yellow, the car appears one hundred thousand times, the number of accidents is 14.5 times. The accidents has fallen by more than half. Because light color can make the outline of car bigger, and make nearer from the car, that is good for traffic. So they advocate the fire truck painted yellow. But the fire department adamantly opposed to do so.
because the yellow make people mood stability, and will make fire fighting efficiency drops, while the morale can be motivated by the red. And also the red can encourage morale. 
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