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Firefighters professional requirements

Author:Starway   Release time:15-09-28

Firefighters professional requirements

   Firefighters not only have a strong body, for applying a variety of complex , changeable and dangerous environment, but also requires excellent business skills,  proficient in fire service theory and fire extinguishing technique, tactics, and have good psychological quality, emotional stability, do not be panic and fear when they are in danger, should keep a good ability to observe, memory, judgment, and thinking.

physical requirement

   Good strength, speed, stamina, agility and flexibility etc  physical quality,  and  can adapt the complex, changeable and dangerous environment for the need of fire fighting in the shortest time, the fastest speed to complete the task ;They can adapt to the need of long time putting out the fire and big load of rescue, saving material needs; To adhere to the fire fighting in any complex environment, and avoid personal injury. And also they should have good ability to adapt to the natural environment, in the cold, heat and wind, rain, snow and other fire fighting climate conditions; Have a brave, strong, highly effective, fear no sacrifice, not afraid of fatigue and successive hard fighting Strong combat style  .    

Skills Requirement

   First , Make themselves master of fire business theory knowledge, understand fire history and current situation , clear the development trend of fire. Familiar with knowledge of burning material, properties of hazardous chemical ;Understand the property and applicability of extinguishant , he fire water and firefighting equipment; Understand the process of fire occurrence and development, The correct use of fire extinguishing agent, and to ensure the success of the fire.
   Second, on the basis of firefighters different duties, practice perfect fire business technology: fire fighters should be familiar with dress, stretch, all kinds of fire extinguishing agent jet, climbing, forcible entry, wearing a respirator, knotting, save, and save themselves etc. The fire fighters should grasp these operation and application,  essential of exercise;
   The driver should be familiar with technical performance and maintenance of the fire trucks, to provide the fire for fire extinguishing agent, water and drainage; Operators should be familiar with the telephone, Fire alarm dispatching console and radio station (base stations, vehicular stations, Handheld station) of the operation, the responsibility division, to accept the situation of the fire alarm ,fire lookout and working methods, for accepting the fire quickly, communication timely, accurate and uninterrupted.
    Third , Mastering fire tactics principle, fire extinguishing basic tactical method, the regularity and characteristics of various types of fire and the basic countermeasures of the rescue , familiaring with the tactical attack method and cooperate together for individual and group, holding opportunity for combat and fire initiative
the demand of psychological quality

   In the course of fire fighting and disaster relief, fire fighters will suffer from unprecedented heavy mental load ,and so brave, bold, strong, strong, calm, resolute, witty, perseverance psychological qualities must be needed.
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