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The police lights go on, the heart warms up

Author:Starway   Release time:22-12-08

"The police lights going on" is not simply to set up a few solar lights, but to take this as the "fulcrum" to innovate the social security control mode, so that it can truly become the foothold of street policing, the entry point of public security prevention and control, the growth point of crime fighting and the new highlight of serving the people.

It would be a bit of an exaggeration to say that if police warning light bars were installed, criminals would not dare to come and crimes would be eradicated.

But a reduction in illegal behaviour is clearly certain.

In fact, what the bad guys are afraid of is not the police warning light bars, but the strong police force behind the warning LED lights and the ability to respond quickly.

Because of staffing and financial problems, the police force can only be limited to a certain range, unable to increase in a short time.

However, the security of the people and the stability of the society must not be restricted.

How to crack this inherent contradiction?

The lighting of alarm lights project provides us with reference and innovation: through reasonable setting of warning lights in important areas and key intersections, the whole city is woven into the same safety net through the arrangement of digital input geographic information system. "When the public alarms, as long as the alarm number is reported, the police will quickly locate and rush to the scene", so as to crack down on crimes as quickly as possible.

It can be seen that the police warning led lightbar is not only a light ,but the invisible police standing behind the police led warning light bars.

Behind the flashing police warning lights is the power of technology.

"The police lights go on" is not only a people's livelihood project, because security is the most basic requirement of citizens, but also a police project, expediting the public security police work to comprehensively deepen reform, transformation and upgrading, emancipate the mind, innovate methods, expand the perspective, extend the sense of touch, the security work from inside the public security to the outside of the society, from closed to open.

Social stability and security need the maintenance of full-time police, but also need the common care and adherence of the whole society.

The lighting project is an excellent entry point.