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How to choose warning led lights for you vehichles?

Author:Starway   Release time:17-02-25

In market, there are so many warning led lights , for examples: Mini and Full Size LED Light Bars, Grille Surface Mount LEDs, Ambulance Lights. It is essential that you choose the right lights to fit your vehicle and provide the power that will be required on the road. Below, we’ll go over different options in our website, so you can pick the right lights for you.

Mini and Full Size LED Light Bars

We need some emergency responders require, and offer many mini and full led light bars. there are many different size for your convenience.

More smaller, more affordable, more cheaper and easy to install are features of mini led light bars. A cigarette lighter plug is not included for installation,  mini light bars are easy to wire into existing systems. To ensure installation of mini light is as easy as possible, mounting magnets are included.

Sizes of Full bars can accommodate vehicles of all designs, including compact cars, trucks, SUVs, towing rigs, wreckers, ambulances, fire trucks, and more.  light bars are getting thinner, brighter, and better in just about every way imaginable, we can offer many different size for you

Grille Surface Mount LEDs

There are a variety of Grille Surface Mount LEDs in our factory. We have different size and shape. We can customize the LED grille lights setup to fit your industry or vehicles.

The series of LED216 and LED214 are most popular. The lights are made for the exterior, sealed with epoxy and waterproof, but they can be mounted on the interior as well. The LEDs in them are 1-Watt bulbs, and have many flash patterns .

Ambulance Lights

Ambulance lights are a little different compared to products for other emergency vehicles and Ambulances need to be seen in daytime and nighttime hours. Different ambulances need different light with different sizes and shapes, that make sure the different lights are seen easily. 


 Starway offers a variety of warning lights for your vehicles. If you have any questions or would like suggestions for your vehicle, please contact us today.