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LED Warning Grilles & Surface Mounts at Starway

Author:Starway   Release time:17-01-07

The simply installation of warning Source Mounts is very popular with first responders, tow trucks and construction vehicles. LED Warning Grilles & Surface Mounts small and easy to installed any emergency vehicle’s exterior. Sometimes the first responders need lighting to do their job successfully. So many emergency vehicles need to install warning grilles or surface mounts . At Starway Electronics Factory , We manufacture Warning Grilles & Surface Mounts. There are some popular items below.

LED216 LED Grille Lighthead

This surface mount light has 17 unique flash patterns and has the technology to remember the last pattern used before it was turned on.And this light can be seen at long distances and at different angles. They are available in many different colors, and uses four 1 watt LED light bulbs. This unit is waterproof and comes with everything needed to install immediately.

LED216E Surface Mount Head light

This small warning grille LED is ideal for installation on side cages, push bumpers, grills and in the interior or exterior of an emergency vehicle as well. The LED216E Lighthead Module uses LED technology. LED technology is preferred over traditional lighting, because it runs cool, and it won't overheat, LED bulbs last longer, and so they don't need replaced as often.This  emergency vehicle lighting with LED technology is much cheaper than traditional lighting. The LED bulbs from Starway Electronics Factory will last approximately 100,000 hours before the bulbs will need replaced.

LED214A Grille Surface Mount LED

The LED214A surface mount LED with a TIR lens can be installed easily into your emergency vehicle. To make installation as easy as possible, two screws are included with purchase. These screws will secure the cheap LED emergency lights to an emergency vehicle.This unique warning LED vehicle emergency light is a brighter and better LED bulb than many first responders are used to, which will provide better light output and increase visibility as well.

To satisfy your emergency light needs, visit our Website.There are many other warning lights (LED light bars, Dash deck lights,Traffic Directions,Road Safety,Sirens & Speakers,Message LED Bars,Beacons and so on)