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How do you choose when you need one warning light for your vehicle?

Author:Starway   Release time:16-06-11

If you are a police cruisers and fire department, or driver of a tow trucks , Ambulances, Security vehicles, Storm chasing vehicles, Volunteer firefighter POVs, you should choose some emergency lights for your vehicles, but so many emergency lights in the market, how to choose the suitable emergency lights? What the difference among the different emergency lights (LED Light BarsDash deck lightsVisor lightsTraffic Directions)


LED light bars are usually installed on top of the car. When the lights are turned on , the vehicle is seen from different views at the same time. So these cars installed the emergency lights can be identifiable on the road by pedestrian. They can be manufactured many different sizes including mini, mid and full-size. So LED light Bars are Police cruisers, fire department trucks, and utility vehicles.

Visor Lights Can be mounted in a front or rear windshield and powered with a cigarette lighter plug. They are interior lights, and easy to install. They can be used for police vehicle fire vehicles, tow trucks, ambulances.

Dash lights are also interior lights, and mounted with suction cups. You can get creative with installation for you dash lights. They can be used for tow trucks, construction vehicles, security vehicles, storm chasing vehicles, volunteer firefighter POVs.

Traffic Advisors can help officers sort out traffic chaos by using directional light bars .They are a crucial aid when trying to move traffic on.  High-intensity solid color or split color combinations catch the attention of approaching motorists signaling them well in advance to slow down and telling them which way to procedure. 

Now you know what emergency lights your need, and can choose emergency lights rightly. It is important to think about your use for your emergency lights. In general, a visor light will be less expensive than a light bar. However, if you want a warning light bar but can’t afford the higher price, you can choose a smaller mini or mid-size unit. Many small light bars are offered with magnetic mounts, which also means you won’t have to commit to a permanent installation either, and they are cheaper than full light bars.

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