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Best selling products from Starway

Author:Starway   Release time:16-05-14

LTF-8M540 Warning LED Mini Light bar

The LTF-8M540 Warning LED Mini Light bar is one of our most popular lights and is perfect for use on fire fighting truck, ambulance, police car, and much more. More information: Pls visit our website.


LTF-M545 LED Mini Light bar

Our  LTF-M545 mini light bar is easy to mount on the roof of an emergency vehicle, thanks to magnet mounts, and is capable of producing 54 1.5 Watt LEDS. More  information:


CJB100PD Car Siren Speaker electronic Siren amplifier

CJB100PD Car Siren Speaker electronic Siren amplifier has exquisite and beautiful appearance and multiple functional,They suits for the police wagon, fire engine, ambulance, traffic intendance engine, and engineering salvage engine as a warning device. And equipped the low tone of aviation, the tone of siren, and the ton for state guest. They are light, handsome and convenience to install and use. They are the perfect caution equipment for special type vehicles, shipping, piazza and dangerous forbidden zone etc. place.

More information: