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How to improve the reliability of LED lighting

Author:Starway   Release time:16-05-04

How to improve the reliability of LED lighting

In the traditional sense, warning lights, generally being used in the maintenance of road traffic safety, is often used in the police car, truck, fire engine, ambulance, road maintenance vehicles, mechanical equipment and so on .But At  present, the application of the warning lights is far from parochialism, we will discover that the warning lights are used in the factory production lines, parks, buildings, navigation, public places, public security, etc.

Now the development of warning light being from the break through bottleneck, has a broad space of development.The source of the warning light has LED, halogen, etc., At present the most popular source is the LED source,In order to meet market demand, the industry has invested  a considerable amount of energy for LEDs .Research focus in high color and high reliability of the LED lamp.

The following is the technical analysis for Ra value and luminous efficiency

Both high Ra value and luminous efficiency

The average evaluation index(Ra) is that light source makes object or reappears an an index of the real color .The higher the index, the better the color reproducibility.For the luminous efficiency has a higher request in the market, the luminous efficiency of LED is Ra=70 in the most .Generally, the packaged structure of  white LED lamp is the blue LED chips installed on the substrate, then the resin contained fluorescent is encapsulatied.After the LED components of illuminant color (blue) and fluorescent light color (yellow, red or green, etc.)  mixing, The white will appear ..Generally speaking, the blue-rayt and the amber-ray can form the white-ray by the Luminous efficiency, but this can make the repeatability of the red-ray bad, and so that is not suitable for  lighting application.
For the repeatability of the red-ray ,the red-ray should be added more, but that can make the luminous efficiency non-ideal

The fluorescent object is effectively configured in the interior of encapsulation for high luminous efficiency and high Ra value, and the product with Ra≧80 and High luminous efficiency has researched and developed successfully.The repeatability of the red-ray for this series of products is very good.
With the breakthrough of this technology, LED lights not only can reduce the inequality of chromaticity, but also can increase the level of chromaticity and high reliability