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How to install the warning lights?

Author:Starway   Release time:16-04-11

Installation of the warning light bar

The installation of the warning light is a little difference for the different application, But we know the principle

 And we can install warning light bar correctly

The following car warning lights installed, for example.

1.When the warning lights being installed, we should pay attention to the anode and cathode. Warning lights have the anode and the cathode, and the red line is anode, the black line is cathode. The anode points the ports, the cathode points the screws. If the red line and the black are wrong ,the lights could not working.

The positive and negative electrode is easy to be distinguished, and we have to keep an eye.

2. The normal connection methods: One point connects the screw, the other point connects the port,. And cross connect again, the warning lights can work properly. 

The above is a small car warning lights installed process.


Warning light also has a variety of fixed ways, some of them have the magnet, and they can be directly adsorbed in the car, they are car warning lights;

Some can be installed by screws, they can be use many occasions;Some of them are stained, and so on.Please businesses to choose according to different needs.Users can choose some warning lights according to different needs

Is that the warning lights are installed in the ordinary car not illegal ?

Actually that is not illegal, but is discipline. The warning lights only can be used for the truck, the ambulances, the Police cars ,but they are installed in the ordinary car , the police will led you off..And you may be have a certain punishment.

So a little warning lights are installed in the private cars in China.But the yellow fog warning lights are needed in the fog day.

For safety, the double flash lights and fog light can be opened in fog and rain day.